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Sale of Amadeus Basin Assets

Sale of Amadeus Basin Assets
12 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2015
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Sale of Amadeus Basin Assets
Note 2 - Sale of Amadeus Basin Assets
On March 31, 2014 (the "Central Closing Date"), pursuant to the Share Sale and Purchase Deed dated February 17, 2014 (the "Sale Deed"), the Company sold its Amadeus Basin assets, the Palm Valley and Dingo gas fields ("Palm Valley" and "Dingo," respectively), to Central through the sale of the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Magellan Petroleum (N.T.) Pty. Ltd ("MPNT"), to Central's wholly owned subsidiary Central Petroleum PV Pty. Ltd ("Central PV"). In exchange for the assets, Central paid to Magellan (i) AUD $20.0 million; (ii) customary purchase price adjustments amounting to AUD $800 thousand; and (iii) 39.5 million newly issued shares of Central stock (ASX: CTP), equivalent to an ownership interest in Central of approximately 11%.
The Sale Deed also provides that the Company is entitled to receive 25% of the revenues generated at the Palm Valley gas field from gas sales when the volume-weighted gas price realized at Palm Valley exceeds AUD $5.00/Gigajoule ("GJ") and AUD $6.00/GJ for the first 10 years following the Central Closing Date, and for the following 5 years, respectively, with such prices to be escalated in accordance with the Australian CPI. Between the third and fifth anniversaries of the Central Closing Date, inclusive, the Company may seek from Central a one-time payment (the "Bonus Discharge Amount") corresponding to the present value, assuming an annual discount rate of 10%, of any expected remaining bonus payments in exchange for foregoing future bonus payments. If the Company receives the Bonus Discharge Amount, bonus payments and the Bonus Discharge Amount together may not exceed AUD $7.0 million. The Company also retained its rights to receive any and all bonuses (the "Mereenie Bonus") payable by Santos Ltd ("Santos") and contingent upon production at the Mereenie oil and gas field achieving certain threshold levels. The Mereenie Bonus was established in fiscal year 2011 pursuant to the terms of the asset swap agreement between the Company and Santos for the sale of the Company's interest in Mereenie to Santos and the Company's purchase of the interests of Santos in the Palm Valley and Dingo gas fields. The Company has not recognized a contingent asset related to the Bonus Discharge Amount or Mereenie Bonus, as such amounts are not reasonably assured. For additional information, see Note 3.