Consolidated Report of Condition of


of 400 South Hope Street, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90071


At the close of business June 30, 2021, published in accordance with Federal regulatory authority instructions.


   Dollar amounts 
ASSETS  in thousands 
Cash and balances due from     
depository institutions:     
Noninterest-bearing balances and currency and coin   22,897 
Interest-bearing balances   339,038 
Held-to-maturity securities   0 
Available-for-sale debt securities   76,614 
Equity securities with readily determinable fair values not held for trading   0 
Federal funds sold and securities     
purchased under agreements to resell:     
Federal funds sold in domestic offices   0 
Securities purchased under agreements to resell   0 
Loans and lease financing receivables:     
Loans and leases held for sale   0 
Loans and leases, held for investment   0 
LESS: Allowance for loan and lease losses   0 
Loans and leases held for investment, net of allowance   0 
Trading assets   0 
Premises and fixed assets (including capitalized leases)    20,616 
Other real estate owned   0 
Investments in unconsolidated subsidiaries and associated companies   0 
Direct and indirect investments in real estate ventures    0 
Intangible assets   856,313 
Other assets   103,666 
Total assets  $1,419,144 





In domestic offices   949 
Noninterest-bearing   949 
Interest-bearing    0 
Federal funds purchased and securities     
sold under agreements to repurchase:     
Federal funds purchased in domestic offices   0 
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase   0 
Trading liabilities   0 
Other borrowed money:     
(includes mortgage indebtedness and obligations under capitalized leases)   0 
Not applicable     
Not applicable     
Subordinated notes and debentures   0 
Other liabilities   268,722 
Total liabilities   269,671 
Not applicable     
Perpetual preferred stock and related surplus   0 
Common stock   1,000 
Surplus (exclude all surplus related to preferred stock)   324,606 
Not available     
Retained earnings   823,023 
Accumulated other comprehensive income   844 
Other equity capital components   0 
Not available     
Total bank equity capital    1,149,473 
Noncontrolling (minority) interests in consolidated subsidiaries   0 
Total equity capital   1,149,473 
Total liabilities and equity capital   1,419,144 


I, Matthew J. McNulty, CFO of the above-named bank do hereby declare that the Reports of Condition and Income (including the supporting schedules) for this report date have been prepared in conformance with the instructions issued by the appropriate Federal regulatory authority and are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Matthew J. McNulty ) CFO


We, the undersigned directors (trustees), attest to the correctness of the Report of Condition (including the supporting schedules) for this report date and declare that it has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief has been prepared in conformance with the instructions issued by the appropriate Federal regulatory authority and is true and correct.


Antonio I. Portuondo, President )  
Michael P. Scott, Managing Director ) Directors (Trustees)
Kevin P. Caffrey, Managing Director )